About illoz

illoz is an illustration portfolio site, which is available to contributors by invitation only.
The goal of the site is to provide art directors with a curated site, that keeps the number of illustrators low and the level of professionalism high. Illustrators that are here have a known track record of delivering on time and on point.

The site was originally programmed by two guys, Zimm and Josh Carpenter back in 2006.
The version you're looking at right now was programmed entirely by Zimm in 2018.

There are currently 56 contributors here, displaying 9,845 illustrations in 448 individual portolios

What illoz has under the hood

illoz has various tools for illustrators to use, such as Workspaces where projcts can be shared with clients. Workspaces can contain sketches, documents for download and a thread of comments. The client can also add documents and sketches as well. It's pretty handy for moving big files around and showing sketch ideas.
There's a pretty nifty invoicing system here too that can send HTML invoices to clients that are viewable here online and printable.
There's also a newsletter feature that allows contributors to create and distribute HTML newsletters to their subscription list.
In the back room, stats are stored on all image views. It's just a running count of how many times things are looked at.

What else?

Not much really.
If anything is left out that you want to know, contact Zimm.

Privacy Policy

illoz doesn't store cookies on visitors. We don't follow you around the internet watching what you do. The site doesn't store anything at all about people who come to look around
There are contact forms here for each contributor. If you use one of those forms, illoz doesn't store anything. Those forms just send an email and that's the end of that.
You can subscribe to any contributor here. That email is stored in a database that belongs to the contributor. They may from time to time distribute a promotional or informative newsletter to you using that list. illoz doesn't do anything with those email addresses except keep them locked down in an airtight database on the server.
There's no advertising here, because the site is paid for on a subscription model by contributors.
What that means is, illoz doesn't need to know anything about visitors.
Hopefully that covers everything about privacy.