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In 1996, Bill Gates wanted to create a newsmagazine that existed entirely on the web. He founded and hired Michael Kinsley as editor. I've been on board from the start. I do two drawings each week on every imaginable subject- but I don't do sketches, there isn't time. We work without a net. We are now published by The Washington Post.
Advertising & Institutional
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Yep. We do this too.
Fair Health Website
(16 images) is a website set up by New York State to monitor and compare pricing for medical procedures- you can comparison shop, as it were. This was set up as a result of a judgment against the big insurance companies for price fixing.
Cognigen Website
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This is an ongoing website project for Cognigen Corp, a pharmaceutical consulting company. The idea is to have an editorial look and feel, and update the articles and drawings regularly.
Cool Movie stuff
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The hardest thing for an illustrator to do is to keep the energy and spirit of the sketch through to the final stages of image making. Since my work has become more and more about simple drawing, it's gotten easier for me to keep that freshness and find the essence of the image.
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These are new... and more are coming all the time. I'll update whenever I can...
Children's book library...
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I started having children a few years ago and saw that they'd need books to read. So I made some. We have more copies than we need, so please buy the extras at your local neighborhood bookstore.
Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth
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Sophie has gotten three starred reviews! Sophie was written by Sarah Weeks, edited by Andrea Welch, and art directed by Lauren Rille. Simon & Shuster, November 2009. I'm presenting the book in it's entirety, with outtakes!
 Currently I'm on the staff of and am a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. I've worked for nearly everything in print over the years, with long...