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Anson Liaw's Portfolios
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Conceptual illustrations dealing with business related subject matter.
The Dark Side
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Black & White 1
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Illustration done predominantly with black India ink combined with other media like chalk pastels, charcoal, pencil and then finally refined digitally with Adobe Photoshop.
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Applied Arts, Canada's Visual Communications Magazine Masterwork's editorial feature
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Applied Arts, Canada's Magazine for Visual Communications, "Masterworks" feature of myself as an Illustrator with some samples of my illustration work
People and Portrait Illustrations
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People and Portrait Illustrations.
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Packaging and Design
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Illustrations for packaging and design projects.
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Digital camera shots of my
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Photographs of my original art work done on print-making drawing paper about how cats rule all neighborhoods in the city. Title: Big City Cats Media: Chalk pastel and compressed charcoal on print-making paper
Frangelico Liqueur packaging design illustration project
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Illustration for the packaging design of Frangelico 373 ml bottle with 2 liqueur glasses for the holiday seasons.
InPrint Magazine, Issue #5 story and showcase of some of my illustration artwork
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Pages and double page spreads from InPrint Magazine, Issue #5 story and showcasing some of my illustration artwork. InPrint is a bi-monthly online PDF Magazine project which main goal is to show contemporary visual arts to a wide variety of audience. – The author's intention is to publish the works of modern designers, fine artists and illustrators all over the world. All the works published in InPrint Magazine are property of the respective authors. Art Director: Elo Designer Link to InPrint Magazine: Illustrations by Anson Liaw
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Roughs and refinement sketches
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Rough and refinement sketches for personal and commissioned illustration projects.
Anson Liaw is an illustrator based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is a graduate from the Ontario College of Art & Design (now Ontario College of Art & Design University). His illustrations...