David G Klein log-in
David G Klein's Portfolios
Venture Bros
(18 images)
storyboard for Venture Bros Cartoon
William Sonoma
(8 images)
director's boards for Williams Sonoma
(7 images)
director's boards for peanut Butter & Co.
Hardee's storyboard
(27 images)
Oertel's Party
(20 images)
fashionable young people with beverages
Storyboard Goya
(13 images)
Storyboard Golem film
(15 images)
Comic Art
(15 images)
comic book work
Storyboard Wendy's
(10 images)
Graphite concepts
(18 images)
editorial art done in graphite and PhotoShop
Scratchboard and Prints
(28 images)
Scratchboard (scrapperboard) art. Conceptual editorial. narrative book, prints, etc.
The Golem's Voice
(19 images)
selections from the Graphic novel