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Jeffrey Smith's Portfolios
Male portrait
(96 images)
famous faces.
(24 images)
Jeffrey Smith illustrations for fiction stories that appear in magazines.
(56 images)
Illustrations by Jeffrey Smith that attempt to depict an actual event.
(60 images)
07, Marissa at Union Station
Shadow Knights
(22 images)
Pulp History: The Secret War Against Hitler.
The Masters at Augusta
(9 images)
A series of paintings from The Masters at Augusta Georgia in 2010.
(28 images)
Illustrations of sports, sports figures, and sport adventures.
(26 images)
Murder illustrations for magazines based on real life stories.
Animal World
(13 images)
Animals, fish, etc.
The Office
(26 images)
business people, office environments, etc.
Comfort to the Enemy
(22 images)
A Series of editorial illustrations for Elmore Leonard's, Comfort to the Enemy; A serial story which appeared in The Funny Pages, a special edition of the New York Times Magazine in 2009.
(16 images)
Illustrations for children
Editorial Covers
(60 images)
Cover art for books, magazines, and newspapers.
Female Portraits
(32 images)
Portraits of women
(15 images)