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More about Illoz

Illoz is an idea that started in a chat area of the Drawger web site. Members over there were discussing online portfolio web sites for illustrators, and asking why they were so limiting. Why a limit on how many images can be shown? Why not more services? Why not a better solution to search? How about some tools for art directors?

So - the challange was picked up by the two guys that got Drawger started. We didn't see any reason why illustrators shouldn't be able to upload as many images as they want. Flash galleries too. But one of the biggest ideas and one we hope will be picked up on and used, is online services for art directors. A place for them to upload layouts, exchange files and collect images they want to share with associates.

The cost of bandwidth and the cost of servers has dropped dramatically since the first portfolio sites started appearing on the web in the late 1990's. But for some reason, those cost savings haven't been passed down the line to illustrators. Illoz takes advantage of lower costs and passes them directly to the illustrator-members. Not only that, Illoz offers a cooler deal. More tools, more stuff to help get the jobs and get them done.

The name for Illoz was thought up by Bob Staake The logo was designed by Leo Espinosa.