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Search at illoz

The Search at ILLOZ does different things, all at once.
First off, it will look for images that are stored within individual portfolios. It will return anything it finds there which matches up to the search words entered. The ILLOZ search will also run around and look at portfolio categories for you. This type of search is useful if you are looking for broad topics, such as "packaging, humor, portraits, landscapes" and so on. The Illoz search will also try and determine if you are looking for a specific portfolio owner at ILLOZ - you can accomplish this by simply typing the name of the person you are looking for, or just the first letter of their last name. All of these results are displayed separately - depending on what types of information the search returns.
The "expand results" button will fill any search page with the type of result you are interested in seeing a lot of. Results can be expanded to view more portfolio images, portfolio categories or members.

Search rankings (the order in which they appear) are determined by a constantly updated database solution that is a work in progress.