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Bruised Fruit
Using a matchstick or dull pencil I dent the fruit and later in the day my drawing is revealed.
Granny's Punk-Ass Pants
When I was a kid my Grandparents moved to Miami Beach leaving behind all their old winter clothes. Occasionally I would snoop around in storage finding old moth-balled treasures.
Friends by the Stream
It's summer, I'm up in the mountains keeping cool, hanging out along the banks of a cold stream. Alone... Suddenly some friends appear out of nowhere.  
“F.U.,” an exhibition that examines and beautifully illustrates U.S. Fair Use laws as they pertain to artists, will open Memorial Day weekend at WFG Gallery. As  show curator Norm Magnusson explains, “If you’re an artist engaged in any kind of collage, you will most...
My Furry Valentine
I once had a little furry studio mate - my sweet heart... my Valentine. He liked to go up high. Always finding new places to go up.
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