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David Flaherty's Portfolios
Illustration Work
(43 images)
Painted Images
(3 images)
Niagara Falls Project
(6 images)
Images from the development of six images for the city of Niagara Falls to be used in city signage.
Fordham University Posters
(6 images)
A series of images created to promote Fordham University's spring program
Icons + typographic art
(4 images)
Icon art for various publications and clients.
Information graphics
(6 images)
Illustration work that is information graphic orientated
Infoclipz animation for Infoworld | IBM
David Flaherty is a New York City based illustrator, designer, and animator. Highly skilled in computer graphics. Work includes editorial illustrations, advertising, flash animation and information...
  David Flaherty Illustration • phone: 212.529.3151 • cell: 212.677.1355