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Elwood H. Smith's Portfolios
Our Cards
(22 images)
A selection of promotional and holiday cards Maggie and I have done over the years. I drawz 'em and Maggie designz 'em.
Editorial Illustrations
(60 images)
A small selection of work I've done for various magazines & newspapers.
Advertising & Corporate
(29 images)
Corporate and Advertising clients I've worked with include: Ameristar, AT&T, Bell South, Book of the Month Club, BNSF, Dell, Driscol, Dupont, J.P. Morgan, Gametek, Hasbro, Headroom, Inglenook, Intel, Lands' End, Mrs. Fields, Novartis, Praxair, QVC, Samsung, Seitsema, SONY, TGI Fridays and The Wisconsin Humane Society
Elwood's Kid's Books
(19 images)
Children's books for Viking and Workman with more to come for Dial, Dutton and Simon & Schuster.
Vector Images
(8 images)
These images were done on the computer in vector programs. It's a medium I've been exploring for the past few years.
Grumpy Lou & His Kazoo
(15 images)
In 1998, Maggie and I wrote a musical Western adventure called Grumpy Lou & His Kazoo. It was performed at the Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center with a live band, actors, 644 slides and four projectors.
(13 images)
Some new work to stretch my mind.
(14 images)
Illustrations having to do with conservation, pollution and the environment.
(15 images)
Images having to do with money, finance and the economy
(12 images)
(13 images)
(14 images)
Images of technology and devices
(13 images)
Travel with Elwood H. Smith
Health & Fitness
(23 images)
Some Zany Stuff
(25 images)