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Portfolio Collection
(53 images)
A collection of my favorite pieces.
Science & Technology
(49 images)
Technological and science-based work
(36 images)
Business-related illustrations - making sense of a mixed-up economy
Gallery Work
(23 images)
Screenprint, collage and painting for exhibition and sale
(22 images)
From dusty old pop sci magazine and old textbooks and encyclopedias.... the future that never was
Little big spots
(42 images)
A collection of icons and action-packed spots
(12 images)
Images created for the op-ed pages
Personal Journal
(7 images)
A visual diary of the everyday
Birdhouse City
(12 images)
Take a stroll through Birdhouse City from Martin Street to Swallows Drive. Everything here from the 'Privy' to the world's largest bird hotel.
Carl Wiens specializes in conceptual assignment illustration and printmaking. Carl lives in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, and teaches illustration at Sheridan College. Clients include The New York...
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