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Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2016
It's been a curious year for all of us. I've had the distraction of taking part in a tv show. Painting landscape. The show, Landscape Artist of the Year 2016, (on Sky Arts in the UK and to be shown at some point in 2017 in the US and Australia) pits seven artists against each other over...
Books of the Year
A quick and satisfying section cover for Sarah Habershon at the Guardian
A recent piece for the Telegraph newspaper's Money Section cover on- what else?- recent events and their potential financial impact here in the UK plus a handful of other recent editorial illos...
Love Lies Bleeding
Another book for Sheri Gee at the Folio Society, this time Wraparound cover, inside cover map and seven internal plates for 'Love Lies Bleeding' (1948) by Edmund Crispin.
Bucolic splendour
A recent piece for the Guardian newspaper's Review section on nature writing, commissioned by Sarah Habershon.
I'm in the Smithsonian
No, I've not been preserved for posterity on account of my cultural significance- I'm in the Smithsonian magazine. Both times AD-ed expertly by Heather P. The fish piece links to this piece of curious research
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